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                          cserverdc.h  -  description
    begin                : Fri May 9 2003
    copyright            : (C) 2003 by Daniel Muller
    email                : dan at verliba dot cz

 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *
 *                                                                         *

#include "casyncsocketserver.h"
#include "cmysql.h"
#if defined _WIN32
#include <winsock2.h>
#include <fstream>
#include "cuser.h"
#include "cmessagedc.h"
#include "cconfigbase.h"
#include "cdcconf.h"
#include "cdbconf.h"
#include "cdcproto.h"
#include "csetuplist.h"
#include "ctempfunctionbase.h"
#include "cgeoip.h"
#include "cusercollection.h"
#include "cvhpluginmgr.h"
#include "cmeanfrequency.h"
#include "cworkerthread.h"

using namespace std;
using nMySQL::cMySQL;
using nUtils::cGeoIP;
using namespace ::nPlugin;
using namespace nThreads;

#define USER_ZONES 6

namespace nDirectConnect

namespace nEnums {

typedef enum

typedef enum
} tVAL_IP;

typedef enum

} tMsgAct;

typedef enum
      eSL_COOL,   // no problem
      eSL_HURRY,  // starting getting full
      eSL_SQEEZY, // we are full, but still a little bit alive
      eSL_CRITICAL, // almost dead
      eSL_SYSTEM_DOWN // this actually never happens ;o)
} tSysLoad;

      eULO_NONE = 0,
      eULO_GETINFO = 1

   eCR_DEFAULT = 0,  //< default value, means not closed or for unknown reason
   eCR_INVALID_USER, //< means bad nick, or banned nick or ip or whatever
   eCR_CHAT_NICK, //< means user used different nick in chat
   eCR_KICKED, //< operator kicked user
   eCR_FORCEMOVE, //< $OpForceMove (the redir menu item)
   eCR_QUIT, //< user quits himself
   eCR_HUB_LOAD, //< critical hub load, no new users accepted
   eCR_TIMEOUT, //< some kind of timeout
   eCR_TO_ANYACTION, //< user did nothing for too long time
   eCR_USERLIMIT, //< user limit exceeded for this user
   eCR_SHARE_LIMIT, //< min or max share limit
   eCR_TAG_NONE, //< no tags in description (or badly parsed)
   eCR_TAG_INVALID, //< tags not validated (general), slots or hubs or limiter, or version etc..
   eCR_PASSWORD, //< wrong password
   eCR_LOGIN_ERR, //< error in login sequence
   eCR_SYNTAX, // < syntax error in some message

namespace nTables{
      class cConnTypes;
      class cBanList;
      class cUnBanList;
      class cPenaltyList;
      class cRegList;
      class cKickList;
      class cDCConf;

// forward declarations
using namespace ::nDirectConnect::nEnums;
using namespace nConfig;
using namespace nUtils;
using namespace nDirectConnect;
using namespace nServer;
using namespace nProtocol;
using namespace ::nDirectConnect::nTables;
using namespace ::nDirectConnect::nPlugin;

using ::nDirectConnect::nTables::cDCConf;

class cConnDC;
class cDCConnFactory;
class cUser;
class cUserRobot;
class cChatRoom;
class cDCConsole;

using ::nDirectConnect::cDCConsole;

/**A Direct Connect Verlihub server
  *@author Daniel Muller
  * the one ;)
00166 class cServerDC : public cAsyncSocketServer
      friend class ::nDirectConnect::cConnDC;
      friend class ::nDirectConnect::cDCConnFactory;
      friend class ::nDirectConnect::cDCConsole;
      friend class ::nDirectConnect::nProtocol::cDCProto;
      friend class ::nDirectConnect::cDCConf;
      friend class ::nDirectConnect::nTables::cRegList;
      friend class ::nDirectConnect::nTables::cDCBanList;
      friend class ::nDirectConnect::cUser;
      string mConfigBaseDir;
      cDBConf mDBConf; // database configuration
      // mysql database connection
      cMySQL mMySQL;
      cDCConf mC; // configuration
      cDCLang mL; // language
      cSetupList mSetupList; // setup loader
      cDCProto mP; // protocol
      class cDCConsole *mCo; // console
      class cRegList *mR; // reg users
      cPenaltyList *mPenList; // penalties and temp rights
      /** banlist */
00189       cBanList *mBanList;
      cUnBanList *mUnBanList;
      cKickList *mKickList;
      cChatRoom *mOpChat;
      cConnTypes *mConnTypes;
      string mExecPath; // the filename of this process
      cServerDC(string CfgBase = string("./.verlihub"), const string &ExecPath= "");
      virtual ~cServerDC();
      /** override default listen */
      virtual int StartListening(int OverrideDefaultPort=0);
      /** sends a public chat message to a given connection */
      int DCPublic(const string &from, const string &msg,class cConnDC *conn);
      int DCPublicToAll(const string &from, const string &txt);
      /** send a hub security public message */
      int DCPublicHS(const string &text, cConnDC *conn);
      /** tells if a user with such nick can login into the hub */
      tVAL_NICK ValidateNick(const string &nick, bool registered);
      /** return 1 if user is valid and can go in
      return 0 otherwise, and also close the connection */
      int ValidateUser(cConnDC *conn, const string &nick);

      /** try to add user into userlist, return true on success */
      bool AddToList(cUser *usr);
      bool AddRobot(cUserRobot *robot);
      bool DelRobot(cUserRobot *robot);
      /** removes user with given nick from uselist, return true on success */
      bool RemoveNick(cUser *);
      /** find user with given nick, if not there return NULL */
      //cUser * FindUserNick(const string &nick);
      /** send the same data to every user */
      void SendToAll(string &str, int cm,int cM);
      /** sends to every user data composed by start+nick+end */
      int SendToAllWithNick(const string &start,const string &end, int cm,int cM);
      void SendToAllWithNickCC(const string &start,const string &end, int cm,int cM, const string &cc_zone);
      /** The message filter, decides what to do with the message */
      tMsgAct Filter( tDCMsg msg, cConnDC * conn );
      int SaveFile(const string &file, const string &text);
      /** this is called every period of time */
      virtual int OnTimer(cTime &now);
      /** converts number with units to a time period in seconds */
      unsigned Str2Period(const string &, ostream &);
      // send HubSecurity Message to public chat to all users
      void DCPublicHSToAll(const string &text);
      /** send a hub security public message */
      int DCPrivateHS(const string & text, cConnDC * conn,string *from = NULL);
      /** does the registration on given hublist */
      int RegisterInHublist(string host, int port, cConnDC *conn);
      int DoRegisterInHublist(string host, int port, string NickForReply);
      /** No descriptions */
      __int64 GetTotalShareSize();
      /** fill in the list of nicks with given ip */
      int WhoIP(unsigned long ip_min, unsigned long ip_max, string &dest, const string&separator, bool exact=true);
      /** buffer to send to all */
00243       string mSendAllBuf;
      void ReportUserToOpchat(cConnDC *, const string &Msg, bool ToMain = false);
      bool ShowUserToAll(cUserBase *user);

public: // Public attributes
      static cServerDC *sCurrentServer;
      /** system load indicator */
00250       tSysLoad mSysLoad;
      /** last op that used the broadcast function */
00252       string LastBCNick;
      /** string containing all myinfos in a row */
00254       string mNickInfoString;
      /** network output log */
00256       ofstream mNetOutLog;

      /** hublist registration thread */
00259       cWorkerThread mHublistReg;

      cMeanFrequency<unsigned long, 10> mUploadZone[USER_ZONES+1];

      /********** typedefs */

      /** temporary time functions */
      /** trigger functions type */
      typedef int tDC_MsgFunc(cMessageDC * msg, cConnDC * conn);
      typedef vector<cTempFunctionBase *> tTmpFunc;
      typedef tTmpFunc::iterator tTFIt;

      /** list of temporary functions */
00272       tTmpFunc mTmpFunc;

      /** the userlist */
00275       typedef cUserCollection::tHashType tUserHash;
      cCompositeUserCollection mUserList;
      cUserCollection mInProgresUsers;
      enum { eKCK_Drop = 1, eKCK_Reason = 2, eKCK_PM = 4, eKCK_TBAN = 8};
      void DCKickNick(ostream *, cUser *OP, const string &Nick, const string &Reason, int flags);
public: //Private attributes
      /** secondary lists of users */
00283       cCompositeUserCollection mOpList;
      cUserCollection mOpchatList;
      cUserCollection mActiveUsers;
      cUserCollection mHelloUsers;
      cUserCollection mChatUsers;
      cUserCollection mRobotList;
      unsigned mUsersPeak;

      /** country code database lib */
      static cGeoIP sGeoIP;
protected: // Protected methods
      /** create somehow a string to get line for given connection, ad return th pointer */
      virtual string * FactoryString(cAsyncConn * );
      /** treat message for given connection */
      void OnNewMessage(cAsyncConn * , string * );
      /** check if user is logged in with same nick, eventually decide if old conn should be closed, return tru if conn can login */
      bool VerifyUniqueNick(cConnDC *conn);
      /** start the user becomiing in the userlist */
      bool BeginUserLogin(cConnDC *conn);
      /** is called when user is about to get into the userslist */
      void DoUserLogin(cConnDC *conn);
      /** Things done when the protocol login is done */
      void AfterUserLogin(cConnDC *conn);
      /** close a given connection with sending a message as a reason, and do it at least in to_usec microseconds */
      void ConnCloseMsg(cConnDC *conn, const string &msg, int to_msec=4000, int Reason = eCR_DEFAULT);
      /** send the hello messahe, on which response we'll get MyINFO */
      int DCHello(const string & nick, cConnDC * conn, string *info=NULL);
      /** return true if the condition of minimal delay is verified
          and modify the timestamp */
      bool MinDelay(cTime &what, int min);
      bool MinDelayMS(cTime &what, long min);
      /** return true if accept is allowed - override */
      bool AllowNewConn();
      /** return negative if conn should be removed */
      int OnNewConn(cAsyncConn * );

public: // Protected attributes
      /** the number of allowed users */
00323       int mUserCount[USER_ZONES+1];
      int mUserCountTot;
      __int64 mTotalShare;
      /** when hub started */
00327       cTime mStartTime;
      cTimeOut mSlowTimer;
      cTimeOut mHublistTimer;
      cTimeOut mReloadcfgTimer;
      cVHPluginMgr mPluginManager;
      struct sCallBacks

            sCallBacks(cVHPluginMgr * mgr) :
                  mOnNewConn(mgr, "VH_OnNewConn", &cVHPlugin::OnNewConn),
                  mOnCloseConn(mgr, "VH_OnCloseConn", &cVHPlugin::OnCloseConn),
                  mOnUnknownMsg( mgr, "VH_OnUnknownMsg", &cVHPlugin::OnUnknownMsg),
                  mOnParsedMsgAny( mgr, "VH_OnParsedMsgAny", &cVHPlugin::OnParsedMsgAny),
                  mOnParsedMsgPM(mgr, "VH_OnParsedMsgPM", &cVHPlugin::OnParsedMsgPM),
                  mOnParsedMsgChat(mgr, "VH_OnParsedMsgChat", &cVHPlugin::OnParsedMsgChat),
                  mOnParsedMsgSearch(mgr, "VH_OnParsedMsgSearch", &cVHPlugin::OnParsedMsgSearch),
                  mOnParsedMsgMyINFO(mgr, "VH_OnParsedMsgMyINFO", &cVHPlugin::OnParsedMsgMyINFO),
                  mOnParsedMsgValidateNick(mgr, "VH_OnParsedMsgValidateNick", &cVHPlugin::OnParsedMsgValidateNick),
                  mOnParsedMsgConnectToMe(mgr, "VH_OnParsedMsgConnectToMe", &cVHPlugin::OnParsedMsgConnectToMe),
                  mOnParsedMsgRevConnectToMe(mgr, "VH_OnParsedMsgRevConnectToMe", &cVHPlugin::OnParsedMsgRevConnectToMe),
                  mOnOperatorCommand(mgr, "VH_OnOperatorCommand", &cVHPlugin::OnOperatorCommand),
                  mOnOperatorKicks( mgr, "VH_OnOperatorKicks", &cVHPlugin::OnOperatorKicks),
                  mOnOperatorDrops( mgr, "VH_OnOperatorDrops", &cVHPlugin::OnOperatorDrops),
                  mOnUserCommand(mgr, "VH_OnUserCommand", &cVHPlugin::OnUserCommand),
                  mOnUserLogin  (mgr, "VH_OnUserLogin",   &cVHPlugin::OnUserLogin ),
                  mOnUserLogout  (mgr, "VH_OnUserLogout",   &cVHPlugin::OnUserLogout ),
                  mOnValidateTag(mgr, "VH_OnValidateTag", &cVHPlugin::OnValidateTag),
                  mOnTimer( mgr, "VH_OnTimer", &cVHPlugin::OnTimer ),
                  mNickListNicks( mgr, "VH_OnCreateUserNickList", &cVHPlugin::OnCreateUserNickList),
                  mNickListInfos( mgr, "VH_OnCreateUserInfoList", &cVHPlugin::OnCreateUserInfoList),
                  mOpListNicks( mgr, "VH_OnCreateOpList", &cVHPlugin::OnCreateOpList)
            cVHCBL_Connection mOnNewConn;
            cVHCBL_Connection mOnCloseConn;
            cVHCBL_Message          mOnUnknownMsg;
            cVHCBL_Message          mOnParsedMsgAny;
            cVHCBL_Message          mOnParsedMsgPM;
            cVHCBL_Message          mOnParsedMsgChat;
            cVHCBL_Message          mOnParsedMsgSearch;
            cVHCBL_Message          mOnParsedMsgMyINFO;
            cVHCBL_Message          mOnParsedMsgValidateNick;
            cVHCBL_Message          mOnParsedMsgConnectToMe;
            cVHCBL_Message          mOnParsedMsgRevConnectToMe;
            cVHCBL_ConnText         mOnOperatorCommand;
            cVHCBL_UsrUsrStr  mOnOperatorKicks;
            cVHCBL_UsrUsr           mOnOperatorDrops;
            cVHCBL_ConnText         mOnUserCommand;
            cVHCBL_User       mOnUserLogin;
            cVHCBL_User       mOnUserLogout;
            cVHCBL_ConnTag          mOnValidateTag;
            cVHCBL_Simple mOnTimer;
            cVHCBL_String mNickListNicks;
            cVHCBL_String mNickListInfos;
            cVHCBL_String mOpListNicks;

      sCallBacks mCallBacks;


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