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                          creglist.cpp  -  description
    begin                : Mon Jul 7 2003
    copyright            : (C) 2003 by Daniel Muller
    email                : dan at verliba dot cz

 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *
 *                                                                         *

#include "cserverdc.h"
#include "creglist.h"
#include "cuser.h"
#include "creguserinfo.h"
#include <sstream>
#include <cctype>
#include <algorithm>
#include <unistd.h>

namespace nDirectConnect
namespace nTables

cRegList::cRegList(cMySQL &mysql, cServerDC *server): cConfMySQL(mysql)
      ,mCache(mysql,"reglist", "nick", "reg_date"), mS (server)
      //cTime now;
      AddCol("nick", "varchar(30)", "", false, mModel.mNick);
      AddCol("class", "int(2)", "1", true, mModel.mClass);
      AddCol("class_protect", "int(2)", "0", true, mModel.mClassProtect);
      AddCol("class_hidekick", "int(2)", "0", true, mModel.mClassHideKick);
      AddCol("hide_kick", "tinyint(1)", "0", true, mModel.mHideKick);
      AddCol("hide_keys", "tinyint(1)", "0", true, mModel.mHideKeys);
      AddCol("hide_share", "tinyint(1)", "0", true, mModel.mHideShare);
      AddCol("reg_date", "int(11)", "", true, mModel.mRegDate);
      AddCol("reg_op", "varchar(30)", "", true, mModel.mRegOp);
      AddCol("pwd_change", "tinyint(1)", "1", true, mModel.mPwdChange);
      AddCol("pwd_crypt", "tinyint(1)", "1", true, mModel.mPWCrypt);
      AddCol("login_pwd", "varchar(60)", "", true, mModel.mPasswd);
      AddCol("login_last", "int(11)", "0", true, mModel.mLoginLast);
      AddCol("logout_last", "int(11)", "0", true, mModel.mLogoutLast);
      AddCol("login_cnt", "int(11)", "0", true, mModel.mLoginCount);
      AddCol("login_ip", "varchar(16)", "", true, mModel.mLoginIP);
      AddCol("error_last", "int(11)", "", true, mModel.mErrorLast);
      AddCol("error_cnt", "int(11)", "0", true, mModel.mErrorCount);
      AddCol("error_ip", "varchar(16)", "", true, mModel.mErrorIP);
      AddCol("enabled", "tinyint(1)", "1", true, mModel.mEnabled);
      AddCol("email", "varchar(60)", "", true, mModel.mEmail);
      AddCol("note_op", "text", "", true, mModel.mNoteOp);
      AddCol("note_usr", "text", "", true, mModel.mNoteUsr);
      AddCol("alternate_ip", "varchar(16)", "", true, mModel.mAlternateIP);
      mMySQLTable.mExtra = "PRIMARY KEY(nick), ";
      mMySQLTable.mExtra+= "INDEX login_index (login_last), ";
      mMySQLTable.mExtra+= "INDEX logout_index (logout_last)";


/** find nick in reglist
if not foud return 0
else return 1 and fill in the reuserinfo parameter */
00076 bool cRegList::FindRegInfo(cRegUserInfo &ui, const string &nick)
      if(mCache.IsLoaded() && !mCache.Find(nick)) return false;//@todo nick2dbkey
      ui.mNick = nick;//@todo nick2dbkey
      return LoadPK();

/** add registered user */
00085 bool cRegList::AddRegUser(const string &nick, cConnDC *op, int cl, const char *password)
      cRegUserInfo ui;

      if(FindRegInfo(ui, nick)) return false;
      ui.mNick = nick;//@todo nick2dbkey
      if ((cl>=1 && cl<=5) || cl==10 || cl==-1) ui.mClass = cl;
      else ui.mClass = 1;
      ui.mRegDate = cTime().Sec();
      ui.mRegOp   = (op && op->mpUser)?op->mpUser->mNick:string("hub-security");

      if(password) ui.SetPass(string(password),mS->mC.default_password_encryption);
      else ui.SetPass(string(),mS->mC.default_password_encryption);
      if(cl< 0) ui.mPwdChange = false;
      if(mCache.IsLoaded()) mCache.Add(nick);//@todo nick2dbkey

      return SavePK();

/** No descriptions */
00108 bool cRegList::ChangePwd(const string &nick, const string &pwd, int crypt)
      if(!FindRegInfo(mModel, nick)) return false;
      return UpdatePK();

/** No descriptions */
00116 bool cRegList::SetVar(const string &nick, string &field, string &value)
      mModel.mNick = nick; //@todo nick2dbkey
      return UpdatePKVar(field.c_str(), value);

/** log that user logged in */
00124 bool cRegList::Login(cConnDC *conn, const string &nick)
      cRegUserInfo ui;
      if(!FindRegInfo(ui, nick)) return false;
      ui.mLoginLast = cTime().Sec();
      ui.mLoginIP   = conn->AddrIP();
      ui.mLoginCount ++;
      return UpdatePK();

/** log that user logged in */
00135 bool cRegList::Logout(const string &nick)
      if(!FindRegInfo(mModel, nick)) return false;
      mModel.mLogoutLast = cTime().Sec()-1; // this is a patch for users that connect twice
      return UpdatePKVar("logout_last");

/** log that user logged in with error*/
00143 bool cRegList::LoginError(cConnDC *conn, const string &nick)
      if(!FindRegInfo(mModel, nick)) return false;
      mModel.mErrorLast = cTime().Sec();
      mModel.mErrorIP = conn->AddrIP();
      return UpdatePK();

    \fn nDirectConnect::nTables::cRegList::DelReg(const string &nick)
bool cRegList::DelReg(const string &nick)
      if(!FindRegInfo(mModel, nick)) return false;
      return true;


How registering works:

1/ user <Nick> asks to be registered
2/ if operator is ok with it, he uses command !regnewuser <Nick> [<class>=1] to prepare an account for the user..
      * this checks if such user is registered (if so error occurs)
      * creates default reguser data into the reglist, which is marked as pwd_change
      * then it sends pm to the user asking him por passwrd and some other settings
3/ user provides password with +passwd <new_pass> [<crypt>=0], which is enabled only if pwd_change is marked
      * if user doesn't provide any password he won't be registered
      * if password is provided and is ok, user finishes his registration
4/ to change password user asks any op again, op uses command !regpasswd <Nick> to enable password changing
5/ to change user's class op uses commands !regclass <Nick> <new_class> ; new_class must be less then op's class
6/ to ungegiser use op command !regdeluser <Nick> - this disables the registration by setting a flag
7/ to purge a disabled record, admin can do !regpurge <Nick>

Note: registered users aren't banned by ip only, but by their nick too

1. method
crypted=crypt("heslo"); // mysql: encrypt; php, perl, C : crypt
if(crypt("heslo2",crypted) == crypted) OK



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