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nDirectConnect::nTables::cUnBanList Class Reference

#include <cbanlist.h>

Inheritance diagram for nDirectConnect::nTables::cUnBanList:

nDirectConnect::nTables::cBanList nConfig::cConfMySQL nConfig::cConfigBase nConfig::cConfigBaseBase cObj

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Detailed Description

The list of unbans, keeps trace of bans removed by ops Banlist uses this class to produce unbans
Daniel Muller

Definition at line 95 of file cbanlist.h.

Public Types

typedef tItemHash::iterator tIHIt
typedef tcHashListMap
< cConfigItemBase *, unsigned > 
typedef unsigned tItemHashType
typedef vector< size_t > tItemVec
typedef tItemVec::iterator tIVIt

Public Member Functions

cConfigItemBaseAdd (const string &, cConfigItemBase *)
void AddBan (cBan &)
 Add ban to the database.
template<class T>
void AddCol (const char *colName, const char *colType, const char *colDefault, bool colNull, T &var)
void AddIPTempBan (unsigned long ip, long until, const string &reason)
void AddNickTempBan (const string &nick, long until, const string &reason)
void AddPrimaryKey (const char *)
bool AddTestCondition (ostream &os, const string &What, int Type)
void AllFields (ostream &, bool DoF=true, bool DoV=false, bool IsAff=false, string joint=string(", "))
void AllPKFields (ostream &, bool DoF=true, bool DoV=false, bool IsAff=false, string joint=string(", "))
iteratorbegin ()
void BindNick (int, const string &)
virtual void Cleanup ()
void CreateTable ()
 cUnBanList (cServerDC *)
db_iteratordb_begin ()
db_iteratordb_begin (cQuery &)
db_iteratordb_end ()
 DeclareAddMethods (double)
 DeclareAddMethods (char *)
 DeclareAddMethods (string)
 DeclareAddMethods (__int64)
 DeclareAddMethods (unsigned long)
 DeclareAddMethods (long)
 DeclareAddMethods (unsigned)
 DeclareAddMethods (int)
 DeclareAddMethods (char)
 DeclareAddMethods (bool)
void DelBan (cBan &)
int DeleteAllBansBy (const string &IP, const string &Nick, int Flags)
void DeletePK ()
void DelIPTempBan (unsigned long)
void DelNickTempBan (const string &nick)
iteratorend ()
int EndQuery (cQuery &)
int EndQuery ()
virtual std::ostream & ErrLog ()
int ErrLog (int level)
bool GetHostSubstring (const string &src, string &dest, int level)
long IsIPTempBanned (unsigned long ip)
long IsNickTempBanned (const string &nick)
void List (ostream &os, int count)
virtual int Load (cQuery &)
virtual int Load ()
bool LoadBanByKey (cBan &ban)
bool LoadPK ()
virtual std::ostream & Log ()
int Log (int level)
std::ostream & LogStream ()
void NewBan (cBan &Dest, const cKick &Kick, long period, int Type)
void NewBan (cBan &, cConnDC *, const string &nick_op, const string &reason, unsigned length, unsigned type)
 Generate - fill in a ban structure ready to be added.
cConfigItemBaseoperator[] (const string &)
cConfigItemBaseoperator[] (int)
int RemoveOldShortTempBans (long before)
virtual int Save ()
bool SavePK (bool dup=false)
void SelectFields (ostream &)
void SetBaseTo (void *new_base)
void SetClassName (const char *name)
void SetUnBanList (cUnBanList *UnBanList)
int StartQuery (cQuery &)
int StartQuery ()
int StartQuery (string query)
virtual int StrLog (std::ostream &ostr, int level)
bool TestBan (cBan &, cConnDC *, const string &, unsigned mask)
int Unban (ostream &os, const string &What, const string &reason, const string &NickOp, int TypeOfWhat, bool DoIt=true)
int UpdateBan (cBan &)
void UpdateFields (ostream &os)
bool UpdatePK (cQuery &)
bool UpdatePK ()
bool UpdatePKVar (cConfigItemBase *)
bool UpdatePKVar (const char *)
bool UpdatePKVar (const char *var_name, string &new_val)
void WherePKey (ostream &os)

Static Public Member Functions

static int GetCount ()
static unsigned long Ip2Num (const string &ip)
static void Num2Ip (unsigned long num, string &ip)
static void WriteStringConstant (ostream &os, const string &str)

Public Attributes

void * mBasePtr
iterator mBegin
const char * mClassName
iterator mEnd
tItemHash mhItems
cBasicItemCreator * mItemCreator
cQuery mQuery
std::ostream * mToLog
tItemVec mvItems

Static Public Attributes

static const string mEmpty
static hHashStr< tItemHashType > msHasher
static int msLogLevel = 4

Protected Attributes

unsigned mCols
cBan mModel
cUnBan mModelUn
cMySQLTable mMySQLTable
tItemHash mPrimaryKey
int ok


class ::nDirectConnect::cServerDC

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