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nDirectConnect::nTables::cDCConf Class Reference

#include <cdcconf.h>

Inheritance diagram for nDirectConnect::nTables::cDCConf:

nConfig::cConfigBase nConfig::cConfigBaseBase cObj

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Detailed Description

dc configuration
Daniel Muller This class contains almost all verlihub's configuration parameters

Definition at line 51 of file cdcconf.h.

Public Types

typedef tItemHash::iterator tIHIt
typedef tcHashListMap
< cConfigItemBase *, unsigned > 
typedef unsigned tItemHashType
typedef vector< size_t > tItemVec
typedef tItemVec::iterator tIVIt

Public Member Functions

cConfigItemBaseAdd (const string &, cConfigItemBase *)
void AddVars ()
iteratorbegin ()
void BindNick (int, const string &)
 cDCConf (cServerDC &)
 DeclareAddMethods (double)
 DeclareAddMethods (char *)
 DeclareAddMethods (string)
 DeclareAddMethods (__int64)
 DeclareAddMethods (unsigned long)
 DeclareAddMethods (long)
 DeclareAddMethods (unsigned)
 DeclareAddMethods (int)
 DeclareAddMethods (char)
 DeclareAddMethods (bool)
iteratorend ()
virtual std::ostream & ErrLog ()
int ErrLog (int level)
virtual int Load ()
virtual std::ostream & Log ()
int Log (int level)
std::ostream & LogStream ()
cConfigItemBaseoperator[] (const string &)
cConfigItemBaseoperator[] (int)
virtual int Save ()
void SetBaseTo (void *new_base)
void SetClassName (const char *name)
virtual int StrLog (std::ostream &ostr, int level)

Static Public Member Functions

static int GetCount ()

Public Attributes

bool allways_ask_password
int autoreg_class
string autoreg_min_share
string cc_zone [3]
bool chat_default_on
int check_asearch
int check_ctm
int check_rctm
unsigned classdif_download
unsigned classdif_kick
unsigned classdif_pm
unsigned classdif_reg
unsigned classdif_search
string cmd_start_op
string cmd_start_user
string ctm_share_min
int default_password_encryption
bool delayed_chat
bool delayed_login
int delayed_myinfo
int delayed_ping
int delayed_search
bool desc_insert_mode
bool dest_drop_chat
bool dest_regme_chat
bool dest_report_chat
int disable_me_cmd
int disable_regme_cmd
int disable_usr_cmds
string extra_listen_ports
int hide_all_kicks
string hub_category
string hub_desc
string hub_host
string hub_name
string hub_owner
string hub_security
string hub_security_desc
string hub_topic
string hub_version
string hub_version_special
string hublist_host
int hublist_port
bool hublist_send_minshare
int int_chat_ms
int int_flood_pm_limit
int int_flood_pm_period
int int_login
int int_myinfo
int int_nicklist
int int_search
int int_search_op
int int_search_pas
int int_search_reg
int int_search_vip
string ip_zone4_max
string ip_zone4_min
string ip_zone5_max
string ip_zone5_min
string ip_zone6_max
string ip_zone6_min
string login_share_max
string login_share_min
int mainchat_class
int max_chat_lines
unsigned max_chat_msg
int max_class_int_login
int max_extra_admins
int max_extra_cheefs
int max_extra_ops
int max_extra_regs
int max_extra_vips
int max_flood_counter_pm
unsigned int max_length [eDC_UNKNOWN+1]
unsigned max_nick
unsigned int max_passive_sr
unsigned long max_share
unsigned long max_share_ops
unsigned long max_share_reg
unsigned long max_share_vip
double max_upload_kbps
int max_users [7]
int max_users_total
void * mBasePtr
iterator mBegin
const char * mClassName
iterator mEnd
tItemHash mhItems
int min_class_bc
int min_class_bc_guests
int min_class_bc_regs
int min_class_bc_vips
int min_class_redir
int min_class_register
int min_class_use_hub
int min_class_use_hub_passive
double min_frequency
unsigned min_nick
int min_search_chars
unsigned long min_share
double min_share_factor_passive
unsigned long min_share_ops
unsigned long min_share_reg
unsigned long min_share_use_hub
unsigned long min_share_vip
cBasicItemCreator * mItemCreator
string msg_banned
string msg_change_pwd
string msg_chat_onoff
string msg_downgrade
string msg_hub_full
string msg_nick_prefix
string msg_replace_ban
string msg_upgrade
string msg_welcome [11]
std::ostream * mToLog
tItemVec mvItems
string nick_chars
string nick_prefix
string nick_prefix_autoreg
bool nick_prefix_cc
int nicklist_on_login
string opchat_desc
string opchat_name
int optimize_userlist
int password_min_len
int plugin_mod_class
string redir_host [128]
int redir_host_max
bool report_dns_lookup
bool save_lang
string search_share_min
bool send_user_info
bool send_user_ip
int show_desc_len
int show_email
int show_speed
int show_tags
bool tag_allow_none
bool tag_allow_sock5
double tag_max_hs_ratio
int tag_max_hubs
double tag_max_version [12]
int tag_min_class_ignore
double tag_min_version [12]
int tag_sum_hubs
unsigned tban_kick
unsigned tban_max
double timeout_length [6]
int topic_mod_class
int trigger_mod_class
int ul_portion
bool use_penlist_cache
bool use_reglist_cache

Static Public Attributes

static const string mEmpty
static hHashStr< tItemHashType > msHasher
static int msLogLevel = 4


class ::nDirectConnect::cConnDC
class ::nDirectConnect::cDCConsole
class ::nDirectConnect::cServerDC
class ::nDirectConnect::nProtocol::cDCProto
class ::nDirectConnect::nTables::cDCBanList

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