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nDirectConnect::nProtocol::cDCProto Class Reference

#include <cdcproto.h>

Inheritance diagram for nDirectConnect::nProtocol::cDCProto:

nServer::cProtocol cObj

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Detailed Description

protocol part of the server
Daniel Muller

Definition at line 54 of file cdcproto.h.

Public Member Functions

void Append_MyInfoList (string &dest, const string &MyINFO, const string &MyINFO_basic, bool DoBasic)
 cDCProto (cServerDC *serv)
virtual cMessageParser * CreateParser ()
virtual void DeleteParser (cMessageParser *)
virtual std::ostream & ErrLog ()
int ErrLog (int level)
const string & GetMyInfo (cUserBase *User, int ForClass)
virtual std::ostream & Log ()
int Log (int level)
std::ostream & LogStream ()
int NickList (cConnDC *)
int ParseForCommands (const string &, cConnDC *)
cConnType * ParseSpeed (const std::string &speed)
void SetClassName (const char *name)
virtual int StrLog (std::ostream &ostr, int level)
virtual int TreatMsg (cMessageParser *msg, cAsyncConn *conn)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool CheckChatMsg (const string &text, cConnDC *conn)
static bool CheckIP (cConnDC *conn, string &ip)
static void Create_Chat (string &dest, const string &nick, const string &text)
static void Create_HubName (string &dest, const string &name, const string &topic)
static void Create_MyINFO (string &dest, const string &nick, const string &desc, const string &speed, const string &mail, const string &share)
static void Create_PM (string &dest, const string &from, const string &to, const string &sign, const string &text)
static void Create_PMForBroadcast (string &start, string &end, const string &from, const string &sign, const string &text)
static void Create_Quit (string &dest, const string &nick)
static void EscapeChars (const char *, int, string &, bool WithDCN=false)
static void EscapeChars (const string &, string &, bool WithDCN=false)
static int GetCount ()
static void Lock2Key (const string &lock, string &fkey)
static void UnEscapeChars (const string &, char *, int &len, bool WithDCN=false)
static void UnEscapeChars (const string &, string &, bool WithDCN=false)

Public Attributes

const char * mClassName
cPCRE mKickBanPattern
cPCRE mKickChatPattern
std::ostream * mToLog

Static Public Attributes

static const string mEmpty
static int msLogLevel = 4

Protected Member Functions

int DC_Chat (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DC_ConnectToMe (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DC_GetINFO (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DC_GetNickList (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DC_Key (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DC_Kick (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DC_MultiConnectToMe (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DC_MyINFO (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DC_MyPass (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DC_OpForceMove (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DC_RevConnectToMe (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DC_Search (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DC_SR (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DC_To (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DC_ValidateNick (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DC_Version (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DCB_BotINFO (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DCE_Supports (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DCM_NetInfo (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DCO_Banned (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DCO_GetBanList (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DCO_GetTopic (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DCO_SetTopic (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DCO_TempBan (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DCO_UnBan (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)
int DCO_WhoIP (cMessageDC *msg, cConnDC *conn)

Protected Attributes



class ::nDirectConnect::cServerDC

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