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nDirectConnect::nPlugin::cVHPlugin Class Reference

#include <cvhplugin.h>

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cpiDia cpiTest

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Detailed Description

The Verlihub's plugin class.

derive your plugins from this one

Daniel Muller

Definition at line 63 of file cvhplugin.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool AddRobot (cUserRobot *)
virtual bool AddScript (const string &filename, ostream &os)
 cVHPlugin ()
virtual bool DelRobot (cUserRobot *)
virtual bool GetFirstScript (string &filename)
virtual bool GetNextScript (string &filename)
virtual cPluginUserData * GetPluginUserData (cUser *)
 per-user data of the plugin
virtual bool IsScriptLoaded (const string &filename)
virtual bool LoadScript (const string &filename, ostream &os)
virtual cPluginRobot * NewRobot (const string &Nick, int)
virtual bool OnCloseConn (cConnDC *)
 connection closed
virtual bool OnCreateOpList (string *OpList)
virtual bool OnCreateUserInfoList (string *InfoList)
virtual bool OnCreateUserNickList (string *NickList)
virtual void OnLoad (cServerDC *server)
 this is called when plugin is being loaded
virtual bool OnNewBan (cBan *)
virtual bool OnNewConn (cConnDC *conn)
 when new conn is accepted, return false if it was closed
virtual bool OnNewReg (cRegUserInfo *)
virtual bool OnOperatorCommand (cConnDC *, std::string *)
virtual bool OnOperatorDrops (cUser *OP, cUser *User)
virtual bool OnOperatorKicks (cUser *OP, cUser *User, std::string *Reason)
virtual bool OnParsedMsgAny (cConnDC *, cMessageDC *)
virtual bool OnParsedMsgChat (cConnDC *, cMessageDC *)
virtual bool OnParsedMsgConnectToMe (cConnDC *, cMessageDC *)
virtual bool OnParsedMsgMyINFO (cConnDC *, cMessageDC *)
 $MyINFO comes
virtual bool OnParsedMsgMyPass (cConnDC *, cMessageDC *)
virtual bool OnParsedMsgPM (cConnDC *, cMessageDC *)
virtual bool OnParsedMsgRevConnectToMe (cConnDC *, cMessageDC *)
virtual bool OnParsedMsgSearch (cConnDC *, cMessageDC *)
virtual bool OnParsedMsgSR (cConnDC *, cMessageDC *)
virtual bool OnParsedMsgSupport (cConnDC *, cMessageDC *)
 $Supports message came
virtual bool OnParsedMsgValidateNick (cConnDC *, cMessageDC *)
 $ValidateNick comes
virtual bool OnTimer ()
virtual bool OnUnknownMsg (cConnDC *, cMessageDC *)
 when unknown message data comes from a connection
virtual bool OnUserCommand (cConnDC *, std::string *)
virtual bool OnUserLogin (cUser *)
 called when user login is finished, all checked and ok
virtual bool OnUserLogout (cUser *)
virtual bool OnValidateTag (cConnDC *, cDCTag *)
virtual bool RegisterAll ()=0
 Called when loading and when it's the correct time to register for callbacks.
virtual bool RobotOnPM (cPluginRobot *, cMessageDC *, cConnDC *)
 robot events
virtual cPluginUserData * SetPluginUserData (cUser *, cPluginUserData *NewData)
virtual bool SupportsMultipleScripts ()
virtual bool SupportsScripts ()
virtual bool UnLoadScript (const string &filename)
virtual ~cVHPlugin ()

Public Attributes

cUserCollection mRobots
 Pointer for the verlihub server.
tHashArray< cPluginUserData * > * mUserDataTable

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