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nDirectConnect::cOperator Class Reference

#include <coperator.h>

Inheritance diagram for nDirectConnect::cOperator:

nDirectConnect::cUser nDirectConnect::cUserBase cObj

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Detailed Description

operator has some extra data to store, like kicks, ips, bans etc..
Daniel Muller

Definition at line 30 of file coperator.h.

Public Types

typedef tHashArray< void * >

Public Member Functions

void ApplyRights (cPenaltyList::sPenalty &pen)
bool Can (unsigned Right, long now=0, unsigned OtherClass=0)
virtual bool CanSend ()
bool CheckPwd (const string &pwd)
void DisplayInfo (ostream &os, int DisplClass)
virtual std::ostream & ErrLog ()
int ErrLog (int level)
int HaveRightTo (unsigned int mask)
virtual std::ostream & Log ()
int Log (int level)
std::ostream & LogStream ()
void Register ()
virtual void Send (string &data, bool pipe, bool cache=true)
void SetClassName (const char *name)
void SetRight (unsigned Right, long until, bool allow=false)
long ShareEnthropy (const string &sharesize)
virtual int StrLog (std::ostream &ostr, int level)

Static Public Member Functions

static int GetCount ()

Public Attributes

bool IsPassive
long mBanTime
long mCanDrop
long mCanKick
long mCanOpchat
long mCanPBan
long mCanReg
long mCanShare0
long mCanTBan
nDirectConnect::nEnums::tUserCl mClass
const char * mClassName
string mEmail
int mFloodCounters [nDirectConnect::nEnums::eFC_LAST_FC]
tFloodHashType mFloodHashes [nDirectConnect::nEnums::eFH_LAST_FH]
cFreqLimiter mFloodPM
long mGag
bool mHideKick
int mHideKicksForClass
bool mHideShare
bool mInList
string mIP4DL
string mMyINFO
string mMyINFO_basic
string mNick
long mNoCTM
long mNoPM
long mNoSearch
nDirectConnect::nEnums::tUserCl mOpClassMin
int mProtectFrom
string mQueueUL
unsigned long mRights
__int64 mShare
sTimes mT
bool mToBan
std::ostream * mToLog
nDirectConnect::nEnums::tUserCl mVisibleClassMin

Static Public Attributes

static const string mEmpty
static int msLogLevel = 4

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