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                          cdcconf.h  -  description
    begin                : Wed Jul 2 2003
    copyright            : (C) 2003 by Daniel Muller
    email                : dan at verliba dot cz

 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *
 *                                                                         *

#ifndef CDCCONF_H
#define CDCCONF_H

#include "cconfigbase.h"
#include "cmessagedc.h"
#include "cdctag.h"

using namespace nConfig;
using std::string;
namespace nDirectConnect {

namespace nProtocol {
      class cDCProto;

using nProtocol::cDCProto;
using nProtocol::nEnums::eDC_UNKNOWN;

class cServerDC;
class cDCBanList;
class cDCConsole;
class cConnDC;

namespace nTables {

      class cDCBanList;

/**dc configuration
  *@author Daniel Muller
  * This class contains almost all verlihub's configuration parameters

00051 class cDCConf : public cConfigBase //<sBasicItemCreator>
      cDCConf( cServerDC &);
      virtual int Load();
      virtual int Save();
      void AddVars();

      friend class ::nDirectConnect::cServerDC;
      friend class ::nDirectConnect::nProtocol::cDCProto;
      friend class ::nDirectConnect::nTables::cDCBanList;
      friend class ::nDirectConnect::cDCConsole;
      friend class ::nDirectConnect::cConnDC;
      int max_users_total;
      int max_users[7];
      int max_extra_regs;
      int max_extra_vips;
      int max_extra_ops;
      int max_extra_cheefs;
      int max_extra_admins;
      double max_upload_kbps;
      unsigned long min_share;
      unsigned long min_share_reg;
      unsigned long min_share_vip;
      unsigned long min_share_ops;
      double min_share_factor_passive;
      unsigned long max_share;
      unsigned long max_share_reg;
      unsigned long max_share_vip;
      unsigned long max_share_ops;
      unsigned long min_share_use_hub;
      int min_class_use_hub;
      int min_class_use_hub_passive;
      unsigned int max_passive_sr;
      unsigned tban_kick;
      unsigned tban_max;
      unsigned int max_length[eDC_UNKNOWN+1];
      unsigned max_nick;
      unsigned min_nick;
      string nick_chars;
      unsigned max_chat_msg;
      int max_chat_lines;
      int max_flood_counter_pm;
      int nicklist_on_login;
      bool delayed_login;
      int delayed_search;
      int delayed_myinfo; // implies also delayed quit.
      bool delayed_chat;
      int delayed_ping;
      double min_frequency;
      string nick_prefix;
      string nick_prefix_autoreg;
      bool nick_prefix_cc;
      string hub_security;
      string hub_category;
      string hub_security_desc;
      string opchat_name;
      string opchat_desc;
      string cmd_start_op;
      string cmd_start_user;
      bool dest_report_chat;
      bool dest_regme_chat;
      bool dest_drop_chat;
      bool report_dns_lookup;
      string extra_listen_ports;
      string hub_version_special;
      string hub_name;
      string hub_version;
      string hub_topic; 
      string hub_desc;
      string hub_host;
      string hub_owner;
      string hublist_host;
      int hublist_port;
      bool hublist_send_minshare;
      /** checking prefferences */
00129       int check_ctm;
      int check_rctm;
      int check_asearch;
      string redir_host[128];
      unsigned classdif_reg;
      unsigned classdif_search;
      unsigned classdif_download;
      unsigned classdif_pm;
      unsigned classdif_kick;
      int min_class_register;
      int min_class_bc;
      int min_class_bc_guests;
      int min_class_bc_regs;
      int min_class_bc_vips;
      int min_class_redir;
      int max_class_int_login;
      int redir_host_max;
      int hide_all_kicks;
      int optimize_userlist;
      int int_search;
      int int_search_pas;
      int int_search_reg;
      int int_search_vip;
      int int_search_op;
      int int_login;
      int int_flood_pm_period;
      int int_flood_pm_limit;
      int int_chat_ms;
      int int_nicklist;
      int int_myinfo;
      int disable_me_cmd;
      int disable_regme_cmd;
      int disable_usr_cmds; 
      int plugin_mod_class;
      int trigger_mod_class;
      int topic_mod_class;
      int mainchat_class;
      int ul_portion;
      int min_search_chars;
      string ip_zone4_min;
      string ip_zone4_max;
      string ip_zone5_min;
      string ip_zone5_max;
      string ip_zone6_min;
      string ip_zone6_max;

      int tag_max_hubs;
      double tag_max_hs_ratio;
      double tag_min_version[12];
      double tag_max_version[12];
      bool tag_allow_none;
      bool tag_allow_sock5;
      int tag_min_class_ignore;
      int tag_sum_hubs;
      string cc_zone[3];
      int show_tags; // 0 - no at all; 1 - only to ops, 2- only to everyone ;)
      int show_desc_len; // cut first n bytes of description
      int autoreg_class;
      int show_email;
      int show_speed;
      bool send_user_ip;
      bool send_user_info;
      bool use_reglist_cache;
      bool use_penlist_cache;
      bool chat_default_on;
      bool allways_ask_password;
      int default_password_encryption;
      int password_min_len;
      double timeout_length[6];

      string msg_banned;
      string msg_hub_full;
      string msg_nick_prefix;
      string msg_chat_onoff;
      string msg_change_pwd;
      string msg_downgrade;
      string msg_upgrade;
      string msg_replace_ban;
      string msg_welcome[11];
      string search_share_min;
      string ctm_share_min;
      string autoreg_min_share;
      string login_share_min;
      string login_share_max;

      bool save_lang;
      bool desc_insert_mode;
public: // Public attributes
      cServerDC & mS;

class cDCLang : public cConfigBase //<sBasicItemCreator>
      cDCLang( cServerDC &);
      virtual int Load();
      virtual int Save();
      void AddVars();
      cServerDC &mS;

      string ban_reason;
      string ban_remaining;
      string ban_expired;
      string ban_for;
      string ban_permanently;
      string ban_types[15];
      string ban_type;
      string ban_removed;
      string ban_by;

      string chat_msg_long;
      string chat_msg_lines;
      string pwd_cannot;
      string pwd_can;
      string pwd_min;
      string pwd_success;
      string pwd_set_error;
      string pwd_setup;
      string ip;
      string nick;
      string user;
      string host;
      string ip_range;
      string because;
      string op;
      string type;
      string not_in_userlist;
      string error;
      string success;
      string wrong_dc_tag;
      string tag_max_hubs;
      string tag_max_slots;
      string tag_min_slots;
      string tag_max_hs_ratio;
      string tag_min_limit;
      string tag_min_ls_ratio;
      string tag_no_sock;
      string msg_downgrade;
      string msg_upgrade;
      string msg_topic_set;
      string msg_topic_reset;
      string autoreg_nick_prefix;
      string autoreg_already_reg;
      string autoreg_success;
      string autoreg_error;

      string timeout_any;
      string operation_timeout;
      string timeout_text[6];

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