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                          cconfmysql.h  -  description
    begin                : Sun Jun 29 2003
    copyright            : (C) 2003 by Daniel Muller
    email                : dan at verliba dot cz

 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *
 *                                                                         *


#include "cconfigbase.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include "cmysql.h"
#include "cquery.h"

using namespace nMySQL;
using namespace nConfig;

namespace nConfig

  * a Typed config Item for mysql - not users due to compiling problems

#define DeclareMySQLItemClass(TYPE,Suffix) \
class cConfigItemMySQL##Suffix : public cConfigItemBase##Suffix \
{ \
public: \
      cConfigItemMySQL##Suffix(TYPE &var): cConfigItemBase##Suffix(var){}; \
      virtual std::ostream &WriteToStream (std::ostream& os); \

DeclareMySQLItemClass(char *,PChar);

/** Unused structure
00050 class cMySQLItemCreator : public cBasicItemCreator
      virtual cConfigItemBaseString* NewItem(string &var){ return new cConfigItemMySQLString(var);};
      virtual cConfigItemBasePChar * NewItem(char * &var){ return new cConfigItemMySQLPChar(var);};

class cMySQLColumn
      void AppendDesc(ostream &os) const;
      void ReadFromRow(const MYSQL_ROW &row);
      string mName;
      string mType;
      string mDefault;
      bool mNull;
      bool operator!=(const cMySQLColumn &col) const;

class cMySQLTable : public cObj
      cMySQLTable(cMySQL &);
      vector<cMySQLColumn> mColumns;
      const cMySQLColumn * GetColumn(const string &) const;
      bool GetDescription(const string &);
      bool CreateTable();
      bool AutoAlterTable(const cMySQLTable &original);
      void AppendColumnDesc(const cMySQLColumn &col, ostream &os);
      string mName;
      string mExtra;
      cQuery mQuery;

/**a mysql configuratin class
  *@author Daniel Muller

00093 class cConfMySQL : public cConfigBase //<sMySQLItemCreator>
      cConfMySQL(cMySQL &mysql);

      cMySQL &mMySQL;
      cQuery mQuery;
      /** loads data from the mysql result */
      virtual int Load();
      virtual int Load(cQuery &);
      virtual int Save();
      /** do mysql query */
      int StartQuery(string query);
      int StartQuery();
      int StartQuery(cQuery &);
      int EndQuery();
      int EndQuery(cQuery &);
      void AddPrimaryKey(const char*);
      void WherePKey(ostream &os);
      void AllFields(ostream &, bool DoF=true, bool DoV=false, bool IsAff = false, string joint=string(", "));
      void AllPKFields(ostream &, bool DoF=true, bool DoV=false, bool IsAff = false, string joint=string(", "));
      void SelectFields(ostream &);
      void UpdateFields(ostream &os);
      bool UpdatePKVar(const char* var_name, string &new_val);
      bool UpdatePKVar(const char *);
      bool UpdatePKVar(cConfigItemBase *);
      bool UpdatePK();
      bool UpdatePK(cQuery &);
      bool LoadPK();
      bool SavePK(bool dup=false);
      static void WriteStringConstant(ostream &os, const string &str);
      void CreateTable();
      template <class T> void AddCol(const char *colName, const char *colType, const char *colDefault, bool colNull, T &var)
            cMySQLColumn col;
            col.mName = colName;
            col.mType = colType;
            col.mDefault = colDefault;
            col.mNull = colNull;
            Add(colName, var);
      void DeletePK();

protected: // Protected attributes

      tItemHash mPrimaryKey;
      /**  */
00142       int ok;
      // number of collumns
      unsigned mCols;
      cMySQLTable mMySQLTable;

      /// UF to make equations and lists of values or fiel names
00148       struct ufEqual
            ostream &mOS;
            string mJoint;
            bool start;
            bool mDoField, mDoValue;
            bool mIsAffect;
            ufEqual (ostream &os, string joint, bool DoF = true, bool DoV = true, bool IsAff = true):
                  mOS(os), mJoint(joint), start(true),
                  mDoField(DoF), mDoValue(DoV), mIsAffect(IsAff) {};
            ufEqual (ufEqual const &eq):

            void operator()(cConfigItemBase* item);

        * Unary Function that loads current result's row into currently pointed structure
00168       struct ufLoad
            string mEmpty;
            MYSQL_ROW mRow;
            int i;
            ufLoad(MYSQL_ROW row):mRow(row),i(0){}

            void operator()(cConfigItemBase* item)

      /** database result iterator
        * very useful
00189       struct db_iterator
            cConfMySQL *mConf;
            cQuery *mQuery;
            db_iterator( cConfMySQL *conf = NULL ) : mConf(conf), mQuery(conf?&conf->mQuery:NULL){};
            db_iterator( cConfMySQL *conf, cQuery *query ) : mConf(conf), mQuery(query){};
            db_iterator &operator++();
            db_iterator &operator= (const db_iterator &it ){mConf = it.mConf; mQuery = it.mQuery; return *this;}
            db_iterator &operator= (cConfMySQL *conf){mConf = conf; mQuery=conf?&conf->mQuery:NULL; return *this;}
            bool operator==(db_iterator &it ){return (mConf == it.mConf) && (mQuery == it.mQuery);}
            bool operator!=(db_iterator &it ){return (mConf != it.mConf) || (mQuery != it.mQuery);}

      db_iterator &db_begin(cQuery &);
      db_iterator &db_begin();
      db_iterator &db_end(){return mDBEnd;}
      db_iterator mDBBegin;
      db_iterator mDBEnd;



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